Gold Heart Plate Necklace
 Gold Heart Plate Necklace
 Gold Heart Plate Necklace
 Gold Heart Plate Necklace

Gold Heart Plate Necklace (KLYK7LPPLKA)

Price : $146.56
Shipping Info

*Gold carat: 14K Solid Gold (585k) It has a gold stamp and patent
*Gold weight is 1.00 grams
*A 10% deviation may occur in the specified weight (+/-)
* The product is 100% real patented 14K Solid Gold
*It is definitely not gold plated or gold water
*Quality control has been carried out
*It is an extraordinary gift in terms of price/performance, it is a very nice gift that will make your loved ones happy
* The imprint is delivered to you in a stylish and free necklace box
*The product will be sent with its original certificate
*The product is insured against theft and loss until it reaches you

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