14K Solid Gold Thin Mesh Bracelet
14 Ayar Altın İnce Hasır Bileklik
14 Ayar Altın İnce Hasır Bileklik
14 Ayar Altın İnce Hasır Bileklik
14 Ayar Altın İnce Hasır Bileklik
14 Ayar Altın İnce Hasır Bileklik

14K Solid Gold Thin Mesh Bracelet (63BLKLKINCHSR)

Price : $175.19
Shipping Info

  • Gold carat: 14K Solid Gold (585k). It has a stamp and patent on it.
  • The product is sent with its original certificate.
  • Product weight:
  • 17 cm 1.20
  • 18 cm 1.25
  • 19 cm 1.30
  • 20 cm is 1.35 gram.
  • There may be a deviation of 10% (+/-) in the specified weight.
  • The width of the bracelet is 3 mm.
  • Bayar Gold responsibility and assurance until the product is delivered to you by the cargo company. is below.
  • The product is not gold plated. Bayar Gold is a jewelry company that sells only real gold products.

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