Gold Industrial Piercing Designs and Prices
Gold Industrial Piercing attracts attention with its different designs and being made of gold. This piercing, consisting of two or more holes in the ear, provides an aesthetic appearance. During piercing, a bar placed vertically on the ear is used. This bar is passed through the points where the holes meet, and the piercing is completed. Reflecting the individual's style and personal style, this piercing provides an aesthetic appearance and adapts to fashion trends.

Bayar Gold industrial piercing models are diverse and designed to appeal to everyone's taste. There are many options, from thin and elegant models to larger and flashier models. Single-stone and simple models can be preferred for those who like minimalist style, while models with tassels or flower details can be preferred for those who want a more assertive look. In addition, these piercings are designed in different colors and shapes and are produced to suit everyone.

Gold Industrial Piercing prices vary depending on model and brand. Simpler and plainer models are generally sold at more affordable prices. However, prices are higher for models with more complex and detailed designs. At Bayar Gold, you can choose an industrial piercing model that suits your budget.

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